All Kyocera devices are Japan Made. Our phones come with a Standard 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Benefits of 5G for Agriculture

Improved Connectivity – Now more than ever there is a need to communicate, share information, and be connected to the internet. 5G is more dependable, faster, and lower in latency reducing the risks of connectivity issues, thus, facilitating smart farming as well as the day-to-day business needs of farms and agriculture-based businesses.

Speed – More speed means more opportunities to streamline farming processes and to work more efficiently. To keep pace with the increasing demands for crop yield, farmers will have to employ new technologies to grow more, using fewer workers. The automation afforded by 5G technologies enables precision, intelligence, and monitoring to meet these needs at a lower cost.

Powering Smart Farming and Precision Agriculture – The incorporation of 5G technologies including mobile devices facilitates the collection and aggregation of data to drive strategic decisions, enables tracking and monitoring of crops, livestock, feed, water, and soil, and provides predictive data to help farmers manage their operations with greater accuracy and less waste.

Kyocera Rugged Devices

Kyocera has been perfecting wireless rugged devices for 10+ years, growing into a line of devices with MIL-STD and IP protection against water immersion, dust, drops, vibration, extreme temperatures, and more. User-level security is enhanced with biometric authentication as well as Android Enterprise Recommended certification ensuring timely security patches and updates.

Kyocera devices can be washed off and disinfected and they are designed to work when wet or while wearing protective gloves. Our phones are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Japan with quality and precision and are backed by a standard two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Rugged Reliability – All Kyocera devices are built rugged and MIL-STD-810, IP68 certified. Designed to withstand drops from up to 5 feet onto concrete, and waterproof (6 ft) for up to 30 minutes, these devices can handle jobs in the toughest environments. They are also HazLoc certified for protection in potentially hazardous locations: Non-incendive Class I, Div. 2, Group A-D, T4.

Instant Communication – Quickly and easily communicate with devices designed to optimize Push-to-Talk. Loud, dual front-facing speakers allow users to hear in noisy environments and communicate one-to-one or one-to-many.

Rugged Devices + Applications + Accessories = Kyocera's Total Solution
Kyocera works with a wide variety of application partners to address the unique challenges of farming and agricultural-based companies. When combined with an accessory, a rugged device becomes a customized tool, making you and your team more efficient and unlock new productivity tools or methods you didn't think possible. All accessories are tested with Kyocera rugged devices for quality and compatibility.

DuraForce Ultra 5G UW with Sapphire Shield and DuraSport 5G UW smartphones are available through Verizon. Our ultra-rugged flip phones are available through Verizon, AT&T, and UScellular. DuraSlate Wi-Fi Tablet* and DuraForce PRO 2 Unlocked are available on our Solutions Store.

*Standard 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

What Roles Do Feature Phones Play in Farming & Agriculture?

Kyocera feature phones (flip phones), like our 5G smartphones include the same built-in MIL-STD-810 and IP68 testing, along with hazardous location protection, non-incendive Class I, Div.2. They are compact in size, offer a simplified UI, and have hard-coated keys and external buttons for easy operation with gloves. These phones are designed to optimize Push-to-Talk communication with dedicated programmable buttons, loud, dual front-facing speakers, and powerful removable batteries for longer usage time.

Cost Efficient – Monthly data plans for feature phones are much more affordable and devices can be activated as Wi-Fi hotspots for up to 10 connections.

Customizable – Device Control is an ideal mobile solution for businesses with small device pools where cloud-based device management is not required. The application provides control of device features without any monthly recurring charges, improving your business’s bottom line. With Device Control, you can support specialized business processes by restricting or customizing specific functionality, leaving your employees focused on critical business apps. Once a Device Control policy is created on one device, it can easily be transferred to multiple devices to reduce/minimize the group device configuration effort.

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