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Device Control

Mobile Device Management

Control feature access on devices and increase productivity of your workforce.


Device Control by Kyocera is an ideal mobile solution for businesses with small device pools where cloud-based device management is not required. The application provides control of device features without any monthly recurring charges, improving your business’s bottom line. With Device Control, your employees have access to critical business apps.


DEVICE FEATURE RESTRICTIONS – Limit or allow device capabilities to those needed for the job.

APPLICATION MANAGEMENT - Restrict list of applications supported or allowed on device.

CONTACT MANAGEMENT - Limit access privileges to designated phone numbers for incoming/outgoing calls.

KIOSK MODE - Limit access to features that interfere with workforce productivity. Block applications and device capabilities not conducive to the job at hand.

Feature Phone


Device Control is intended to support specialized business processes by allowing you to restrict or customize specific functionality.


Once a Device Control policy is created on one device, it can be easily transferred to multiple devices so to reduce/minimize the group device configuration effort.

* Some sample configurations shown require advanced configuration via Kyocera Business Select.


Device Control is preloaded on DuraXV Extreme for basic options. For customized or advanced configuration, please contact Kyocera Business Select.

Device Control via UI Device Control via Kyocera Business Select
Availability Preloaded on device Via Kyocera Business Select
Capabilities Basic / Limited Advanced
Walkie-Talkie Only Mode No Yes
Configuration Retention No – Restrictions removed if device resets to factory configuration Yes – Restrictions and custom settings enforced even after reset of the device to factory configuration
Device Settings Retention No – All device settings removed after device resets to factory configuration Yes – Device settings unchanged even after reset of device to factory configuration
Update configuration through cloud No No
Price FREE One time fee – contact Kyocera Business Select. Devices must be sent to Kyocera for Business Select configuration.
How to access Refer to User Guide Contact Kyocera 866.844.7525

Device Control for smartphone coming winter 2020.