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Hydro VIBE

Live more. Fear less.

The waterproof Hydro VIBE smartphone lets you never fear a water spill or conversation in a loud room again.

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Features Specs Buy Phone

Splash ready.

Hydro VIBE is a waterproof* smartphone. So go ahead and snap that family photo by the pool, give the dog a bath and get caught in the rain with confidence.

*Certified waterproof for IPX5, and IPX7. Immersible for up to 30 minutes in up to 3.28 feet (1 meter). Phone should be dried as quickly as possible when wet. To ensure that your phone is waterproof, make sure the battery door is properly sealed.

Loud parties, busy street corners and sporting events are now phone-friendly.

Smart Sonic Receiver technology is another way of saying you'll be able to hear where you never could before. It converts the entire touchscreen to a speaker – knocking out background noise and enabling call clarity.

Live in the moment.

Life doesn't stop. Your camera shouldn't either. Capture your world as it happens. Whether it's at a pool party or the beach, the powerful 8MP camera isn't afraid to get its feet wet. And the 2MP front-facing camera and video camcorder equipped with Panorama HDR, capturing life is as simple as point, shoot and post.

Accidents Happen.

We all take falls, tumbles and stumbles. Fortunately, the 4.5" impact-resistant touchscreen keeps you better protected against the unexpected. Plus its 4.5" qHD so watching videos, playing games and surfing the web is a breeze.

Cut the cord.

Set Hydro VIBE down and walk away. The PMA-enabled (Power Matters Alliance) wireless charging feature makes for easy and convenient charging. Simply set your phone on a charge pad* and start charging. No cords necessary.

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Phone Specs

Hydro VIBE at a Glance

4.5" IPS impact-resistant capacitive touchscreen qHD
960 x 540 pixels

Talk Time up to 14 hours
Times will vary based on user settings, feature use and network configuration.

4.9 oz
139 grams

Hydro VIBE in-depth

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Virgin Mobile Spec Sheet - English (797 KB)
Virgin Mobile User Guide - English (3.9 MB)
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