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Old School still rules

The finger-, eye-, fun-, and wallet-friendly Kyocera Kona help you make the most of any occasion.

Kyocera Kona is available through Cricket, Sprint, payLo by Virgin Mobile, and Public Mobile.

Features Specs Buy Phone
Features Specs Buy Phone

Accessibility for all

For the visually impaired, Kona is the industry's first feature phone to offer verbal translation of Internet browsing. The phone also offers verbal descriptions of navigation menus, buttons and features including messaging, contacts, missed calls, notifications and more.

Other accessibility features include variable-speed text-to-speech service, dedicated In Case of Emergency (ICE) and 911 shortcuts, and a tactile keyboard with well-defined buttons. (Available on Sprint Network only)

A design as attractive as its price

The flip design is tried, true, and easy to use. Rounded edges and ergonomic shape ensure a comfortable fit in your hand. And oversized keys help you dial and text error free.

Everything you need, all on display

Easily view photos on the large 2.4" TFT QVGA internal display. Reading texts and menus are effortless with the oversized-font option. And quickly see caller info and time on the 1.44" color external screen without having to open the phone's body.

A camera ready for action

Wherever you go, capture the moment using the 2MP camera with 2x digital zoom. And to make your photos even more interesting, tools such as multiple shots, fun frames, color tones, and image controls help extend your creative vision.

Why use cords when you don't have to

You hate dealing with cords. So get rid of them with the help of Bluetooth® technology. Connecting hands-free headsets and transferring phone-book contacts are not only easy, but you can do both wirelessly.

Phone Specs

Kona at a Glance

240 x 320 pixels internal display

Talk Time from 4.2 up to 6 hours
Times will vary based on carrier, user settings, feature use and network configuration.

3.7 oz
104 grams

Kona in-depth

Cricket Spec Sheet - English (151 KB)
Cricket User Guide - English(1.1 MB)
Cricket User Guide - Spanish (1.2 MB)
payLo Getting Started Guide - English (1.1 MB)
payLo Spec Sheet - English (178 KB)
payLo User Guide - English (1.6 MB)
payLo User Guide - Spanish (1.2 MB)
Public Mobile Spec Sheet - English (143 KB)
Public Mobile User Guide - English (1.2 MB)
Public Mobile User Guide - French (1.1 MB)
Sprint Spec Sheet - English (155 KB)
Sprint User Guide - English (1.3 MB)
Alternate format for phone user guides (US only)
Printed Braille and Accessible Electronic user guides are available upon request primarily for basic feature phones. These user guides provide step-by-step instructions and are useful only for those customers who are visually impaired.

These user guides are available upon request by emailing to: Please make sure to include your phone model number and whether you need a printed Braille or Accessible Electronic user guide.

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