Guide and Video for cleaning and disinfecting your kyocera phone

Kyocera's proprietary Sapphire Shield Display.

To say it's tough

isn't even scratching the surface.

Second only to diamonds in mineral hardness, sapphire is virtually scratchproof and provides outstanding protection against impact damage.

Real World and Lab Tested

Sapphire Shield display also delivers exceptional protection from damaging real world scenarios, ranging from keys in a pocket to a face-first drop onto rocks, where independent lab tests show it to be far less likely to break than leading strengthened touch-panel glass.

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In Their Words

I took a pocket knife to the screen, but wasn't able to inflict any noticeable damage.

Kyocera's Sapphire Shield glass is utterly impenetrable from being scratched!

I wish every phone's screen was this insanely durable.

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Survive Rugged Environments.

Waterproof. Military Standard 810G. Glove and Wet Touchscreen Operation.

Tough All Over.

The 4G LTE Android smartphone designed to handle anything life throws at you.