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Smart Sonic Receiver

Now you can hear where you never could before.

How it works

The whole display vibrates to clearly transmit sound from the other party using both sound waves and vibration. There is no receiver speaker, so communication is possible regardless of the phone's position relative to the ear. Furthermore, if the ear is covered with the screen, it is possible to block ambient noise while communicating, making it easier to hear the other party even in noisy environments, such as a train platform or crowded store.

Advantages of Tissue-Conduction Audio Technology:

  • Deliver sound vibrations via twin paths: air conduction and directly to the ear drum
  • Eliminates ambient audio contamination
  • Place any part of the display against your ear

In their words

Winner of multiple "Best of CTIA" awards at the wireless industry's largest U.S. trade show.

LAPTOP Magazine Best of CTIA Wireless 2012 - GottaBeMobile Best of CTIA Wireless 2012 - Techlicious Best of CTIA Wireless 2012

"Worked so well – and so imperceptibly – that it eliminated the need for a conventional speaker altogether."
Popular Science

"It could make a traditional earpiece speaker obsolete."

Smart Sonic equipped phones