When Vincent Curtis Neill found himself in a life-or-death situation at work, it was his Kyocera device that came to the rescue. He reached out to us to share his story.
As part of his job at Wild Wings Recycle Facility in Woodland, CA, Vincent collects water samples that are tested for California state permit compliance. He's been collecting monthly samples for 20 years without a problem. But when his foot slipped on algae one day and he slid into a pond full of liquid waste, he knew he was in trouble.

A dangerous combination

Vincent is a good swimmer, but his heavy work gear and the slippery, algae-coated edges of the pond made it impossible for him to swim or grab hold of anything, and it was getting harder and harder to tread water. With no coworkers around, Vincent had to find his own way out.

When a regular phone falls short

Vincent reached for his non-Kyocera work phone in his pocket to call for help, but quickly discovered the device was completely broken from water damage.

Kyocera keeps working

Vincent remembered he hadn't taken his personal Kyocera phone out of his other pocket when he arrived at work that day. Thankfully, his rugged, waterproof Kyocera Dura Series device was still up and running.

The Wild Wing Recycling Facility effluent pond

DURA SERIES: Waterproof, military standard devices you can depend on

The durable difference

Vincent had chosen the device because it was durable and dependable, and in that moment he knew he had made the right choice. He was able to call 911 from the soaked phone, and the local fire department rescued him from the cold, dirty water.

"It is without a doubt that I am alive today because I have the best phone in the world – the Kyocera Dura Series. I would recommend this lineup of phones to anyone who needs a phone that won't let them down."

Rugged for a reason

At Kyocera, it's our mission to build devices that don't just survive the toughest conditions, but thrive in them. For some users that means staying productive in the elements, while for others like Vincent, that means staying alive. As Vincent told us, "When life is on the line, Kyocera's Dura Series is the only phone you need."

Vincent Curtis Neill and family