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When downtime is not an option because lives are at risk, you can count on Kyocera to be there.

  • First Responders Toll Free Number. These calls will be routed directly to our Business Select team, and will be priority 1.
  • First Responders requiring Engineering Technical support have an escalation path for 1 business day response time.
  • Registered First Responders will receive discounted service fees on Business Select Program Services such as Advanced Replacement, Custom Provisioning and Custom Repair.

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Eliminate Downtime

Kyocera offers advanced replacement for defective devices – In or Out of Warranty. No lengthy turnaround times – option for replacement device delivery within 1 business day.

  • Standard Advanced Replacement ships via FedEx 2Day®
  • Express Advanced Replacement ships via FedEx Priority Overnight®
  • Click here for pricing

Step 1 – Create Return Authorization

Create RMA number and provide a credit card for the Advanced Replacement service fee and pre-authorization for the return of the defective device.

Step 2 – Replacement Device Delivered

Your Advanced Replacement device can arrive within 1 business day. It’s yours to keep!

Step 3 – Return Defective Device

Transfer personal information to the replacement device, clear all personal content from the defective device and simply drop it in the provided prepaid shipping envelope and send it back to Kyocera.

Step 4 – Repair Center Evaluation

Once received, the defective device will be evaluated by Kyocera’s Repair Center. If the defective device is In-Warranty, no additional charges will be applied. Repair fees apply for Out-of-Warranty devices.

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We can configure your device to your specific requirements. Experience faster deployment, maximize your IT resources and reduce cost. After initial custom provisioning, custom repair is available to reset repaired devices to your requirement.

Get Started:

  1. Contact Kyocera Business Select Agent
  2. Gather Your Business Requirements
  3. Feasibility & Review
  4. Quotation & Order
  5. Implementation & Delivery
    • Custom Software Reflash – Reflash devices in bulk to specific approved software that works best with your business applications (downgrade or upgrade).
    • Custom Application Sideloads – Load necessary applications and/or remove unnecessary applications for your business up front.
    • Device Customization – Configure custom settings for your devices. Apply accessibility restrictions for features and applications.
    • Device Unlocking – Recover your locked device due to employee turnover. Repair and reset devices to your custom business configuration.

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Custom Repair is a great complement to Custom Provisioning. Retain your configuration through our Custom Repair service. Return your defective devices and receive user-ready replacement devices already customized to your specifications through our comprehensive repair, refurbishment and provisioning services.

Get Started:

  1. Contact Kyocera Business Select Agent
  2. Gather Your Business Requirements
  3. Feasibility & Review
  4. Quotation & Order
  5. Implementation & Delivery
    • Specialized Pricing for Business Select customers - Quoted for your needs.
    • Customized Provisioning – Repaired devices returned in your specific configuration.
    • Custom Kitting – Include company policy inserts for new hires, specialized labeling, etc.
    • Accessory Bundling – Include screen protector, case, battery, charger, cable, back cover, etc.
    • Distribution – Redistribution of repaired devices directly to your workforce.

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Are you a small to medium business who needs help managing deployed devices? Kyocera’s Lifecycle Management program can help! With Lifecycle Management, business customers can take advantage of Kyocera’s services throughout the device lifecycle.

Get Started:

  1. Contact Kyocera Business Select Agent
  2. Gather Your Business Requirements
  3. Feasibility & Review
  4. Quotation & Order
  5. Implementation & Delivery

Help us design a solution that works for your business from the offerings below.

  • Discounted Advanced Replacement for Bulk RMAs
    • Standard (FedEx 2Day)
    • Express (FedEx Priority Overnight)
  • Discounted Repair Services
  • Custom Provisioning
  • Kyocera Device Control
  • Dedicated Monthly Engineering Hours
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Service Provider Management
  • Consigned Inventory Management
  • Basic Asset Tracking
  • Asset Disposal/Recycling
  • On-site visits, if needed

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Your job is rugged – but so is your device and with Kyocera’s Standard 2-Year Warranty* you can go about your day, worry free.

  • Kyocera directly warranties your device for the full two years. We are here to support you and your device. You choose – feel free to contact Kyocera directly or to go through your service provider.
  • Kyocera has a 2-year internal battery warranty (same as device warranty).
  • Kyocera covers water intrusion on waterproof devices 100% (as long as there is no physical abuse).
  • Kyocera covers most accidental or physical damage, even LCDs (generally covered if no point load/point of impact).
  • Kyocera provides a fully refurbished replacement device for warranty exchanges (like-new condition). Say goodbye to old nicks and scuffs!
  • No pre-registration required. Our free registration is recommended to:
    • Provide Kyocera with your proof of purchase and establish your device record.
    • Facilitate future transactions. Our representatives will have your information ready to go.
    • Receive related product information and updates from Kyocera.

*Click here to verify your device's warranty.

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