All Kyocera devices are Japan Made. Our phones come with a Standard 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Key Features for Manufacturing Professionals

Efficient manufacturing is a well-choreographed dance on a fast-paced factory floor. Kyocera devices offer individual and group Push-to-Talk to keep workers in step and support the data-management and security apps to protect proprietary information. And Military Standard 810G certified toughness make them a work tool that can take a beating without missing a step.

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Case Studies: Sunset Olive Company

Key Business Challenges: Accurate time-keeping, Worker safety, Asset and Equipment Usage/Tracking, Inventory tracking, Communication Consistency 

Key Features: Rugged protection, PTT design for easy operation and LMR interoperability, Loud Audio, powerful battery gets thru a whole work shift, Wide coverage over 4G & 5G Networks, Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi

Click here to see our comprehensive accessory solutions, including:

Carry Solutions - Holster, Hard Shell Pouch

Audio - Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) wired and Bluetooth, Headsets wired and Bluetooth PTT Headsets Camlock RSM and Headset (on limited flip feature phone)

Vehicle Mounting - Vehicle Mounts, Equipment Mounts

Charging - Multi-Bay Wireless Charger, Charging Towers, Multi-Bay Battery Charger, Charging Holster

Specialty - PTT Stand-alone Button

Scanner - Attachable Barcode Scanner, 1D and 2D Bluetooth Scanner

VIBES Modular Accessory System - Attachable Barcode Scanner, 1D and 2D Bluetooth Scanner

(Accessory selection will vary by device)

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