Guide and Video for cleaning and disinfecting your kyocera phone


Industry Solutions

Key Features for Energy, Oil & Gas Workers

When disaster strikes or even when everyday maintenance is a safety concern and productivity a necessity, Kyocera offers IP rated waterproofing, Military Standard 810G rugged devices that are OSHA certified Non-Incendive, Class I, Division 2, Group A-D, T4 for use in hazardous work environments where concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or mists are not normally present in an explosive concentration (but may accidentally exist).

Kyocera devices are paired with large tactile keys and touchscreen displays that can be used when wet and with gloves up to 3mm thick and allowing for one-to-one or one-to-many Push-to-Talk communication and supporting leading solutions for security, centralized and mobile data sharing and management, work doesn't slow down no matter what the conditions.

Case Studies: COMING SOON

Key Business Challenges: Real-time Team Communication, Accurate Time-keeping, Worker Safety, Processing Work Orders, Asset and Equipment Reporting and Tracking

Key Features: Rugged protection, HazLoc Non-incendive, Class I, Div. 2 Certified, PTT design for easy operation and LMR interoperability, Loud Audio, powerful battery gets thru a whole work shift, Wide coverage over 4G Network, Wi-Fi (LMR has limited range)


Carrying Solutions- Holster, Hard Shell Pouch

Audio- Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) wired and Bluetooth, Headsets wired and Bluetooth PTT Headsets Camlock RSM and Headset (on limited flip feature phones)

Vehicle Mounting- Vehicle Mounts, Equipment Mounts

Charging- Multi-Bay Wireless Charger, Desktop Charger, Multi-bay Battery Charger

Specialty- PTT Stand-alone Button

Scanner- Attachable Barcode Scanner, 1D and 2D Bluetooth Scanner

VIBES Modular Accessory System- Extended Battery Packs, Speaker, Pocket Clip, Scanner

(Accessory selection will vary by device)