All Kyocera devices are Japan Made. Our phones come with a Standard 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Dual Loudspeakers + Multi-Microphone Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation

Whether you are utilizing Mission Critical Communications, conducting business via Video Conferencing, interacting with others by Live Streaming a video game, hosting a live Q&A, or teaching a class. Or in your down time enjoying some Entertainment, Kyocera has the audio performance to provide the best experience.

Smartphones with Four-Mic echo cancellation (EC) and noise suppression (NS) technology blocks ambient noise to provide clear audio in almost any situation and feature phones with Dual-Mic noise canceling capabilities optimized for voice calls including speakerphone and PTT use. Kyocera devices provide improved audio quality when and where you need it.

Based on Qualcomm® Fluence Pro™ technology, software algorithms can automatically detect the speaking party position and offer consistent voice quality and noise reduction performance in dynamic scenarios.

Features such as Sound Focus, are for use with various voice call and audio recording use cases such as speakerphone calls, Push-to-Talk (PTT) calls, VoIP calls, video conferencing (zoom calls), audio recording, camcorder video recording, voice recognition, etc. utilizing microphone inputs to automatically determine the best microphone channels to use based on the dominant audio source.

Sound Focus dynamically preserves or suppresses audio coming from various directions. The full 360-degree plane can be divided into 4 angular sectors and each sector can be configured to preserve or suppress audio coming from that direction. The angular width of the sectors can also be changed according to the mode of use (e.g., voice calls, recording, etc.).

Noise Reduction

Direction estimation exploits the phase relationship between 3 microphones to come up with accurate estimates of directionality of incoming audio signals. The direction estimation processing can be tuned to operate in two different modes:

  • Automatic tracking – Tracks the entire 360-degree plane and automatically detects and preserves the dominant audio source while suppressing weaker interfering audio sources.
  • Predetermined sector – Preserves all audio coming from a predetermined angular sector and suppresses audio coming from other angular sectors.

Spatial filtering employs multi-mic spatial filtering to suppress background noise and interfering talkers while prese

NS postprocessing performs accurate estimates of stationary and nonstationary background noises and suppress them effectively in the postprocessing stage. This is tuned to achieve the desired tradeoff between NS aggressiveness and voice quality.

Dual Front-Facing Loudspeakers Smartphones @ 106+db and Feature phones @ 100+dB provide enhanced hands-free audibility in noisy environments.

Whether you work in a loud environment or just live life out loud, being able to hear and communicate is what matters most. The dual loudspeakers are ideal for Push-to-Talk Plus (PTT) or speakerphone calls even in extreme conditions. The loudspeakers being front-facing direct the sound at the user to aid in use in noisy conditions and in quieter environments for both personal and professional use cases it is actually nice to have sound coming directly at you when you conduct zoom calls, conference calls, watch videos or play music. Dual front-facing loudspeakers create a mini theater like experience while watching movies and playing games without the burden of carrying an extra speaker.

Numerous types of content are supported with advanced integrated audio and video codecs:*

Video Codecs: H.263, H.264, H.265, HEVC (10-bit), MPEG-4, VP8 & VP9

Audio Codecs: PCM(WAVE), AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, MP3, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, FLAC, Vorbis, OPUS & MIDI

* Please check each device for specifications and ratings as these may differ.