Security and Guard Services Company Streamlines Communications, Creates Efficiencies and Cuts Costs with Transition to Kyocera Smartphones
Security guards work in high-stress situations every day. Long shifts coupled with the constant threat of theft or attacks create the need for immediate and constant communication amongst each security team. The last thing security workers need is to worry whether their smartphones or communication devices are low on battery or can't conduct the functions they need do their jobs. It's for these reasons that American Security Force, a Commerce, California-based private security solutions company, recently turned to Kyocera for its rugged hardware needs.

Because American Security Force is committed to providing comprehensive security solutions to meet each client's unique security needs, the company has a strong desire to equip its security officers with tools, such as rugged smartphones, that allow them to protect their clients' physical and financial assets, in an efficient , timely manner. Having grown frustrated by expensive mobile devices and two-way radios that lack durability and have short battery lives, the technical team at American Security Force selected Kyocera's DuraForce PRO as a cost-effective solution that would be more dependable for the guards and help avoid technical down-time with support or provisioning replacement phones.

American Security Force employs more than 100 security personnel and employees in Southern California where it provides guard services for commercial clients such as hospitals, office buildings and shopping centers, among many others. The role of security guards requires them to be on alert and connected at all times while patrolling property, monitoring surveillance equipment, inspecting buildings, equipment, access points and permitting entry. In addition, they help prevent loss and damage by reporting irregularities in real-time. They may also need backup support when they are in the process of informing violators of policy and procedures and/or restraining trespassers. As a result, mobile-communication technologies are a necessary tool as they manage their dynamic work environments on a daily basis. American Security Force has two-way radios, but the goal is to migrate these to smartphones, giving them an all-in-one device that can be used not only for instant push-to-talk communications, but also for timekeeping and/or recording live video, as required by their clients or to ensure proper execution of patrolling protocols. It is a necessity to have mobile devices with long-lasting battery life because the majority of the guards conduct their jobs and surveillance on foot and run the appropriate software and applications during an entire shift in order to complete their assigned tasks. Currently, they are using TrackTik, a web-based cloud software and mobile application for managing workforce and reporting requirements.

Traditional body cameras and/or two-way radios can cost close to $1,000 per unit, which becomes cost-prohibitive especially when that unit only performs one function. Therefore, the management team at America Security Force began researching options to find a more cost-efficient, durable and rugged alternative. There was a growing frustration among the security staff with broken and/or fragile smartphones they were using. The team had to replace broken and damaged smartphones or provision replacements with the correct worksite software, which resulted in downtime, lost productivity and a higher total cost of ownership (TCO) for the company. They needed a mobile device that could run their company's mobility solution and withstand the outdoor elements the guards regularly face, while having longer battery life to meet the reporting requirements of shifts up to 12 hours long, often in dirty, wet and rough job sites that used to be the enemy of electronics. A key part of this evolution is the smartphone, which combines the power of computing and communication in a single, mobile device. A new breed of ruggedized mobile phones from Kyocera, with specialized software to enhance mobile workforce management, is leading this charge.


Private Security



Kyocera DuraForce PRO with TrackTik Software and Push-to-Talk for Business

Key benefits

  • Durable

  • Waterproof

  • Push-to-Talk Dedicated Button

  • Loud Audio

  • Rugged

  • Long Battery Life

  • Resistant to Falls & Shock

  • Affordable

  • Rubberized Coating

  • Glove & Wet Touchscreen Operation


A member of the management team at American Security Force researched rugged smartphones that also integrated all of the technology solutions its employees needed, including connectivity, enhanced camera capabilities and durable attributes. With 55+ smartphones being used by its personnel, the affordability of the device was crucial. The team came across the Kyocera DuraForce PRO, which was approximately half the cost of other similarly ruggedized devices, and delivered all the rugged attributes it needed—from Push-to-Talk and camera, to waterproof and shockproof capabilities.

The management team and employees have been thoroughly impressed with the Kyocera DuraForce PRO thus far. In fact, the company made the decision to migrate all its employees to the device.

"The Kyocera DuraForce PRO is one of the best smartphones we've ever used, and we will eventually replace the remaining Samsung phones that are currently being used by our staff," said Albert Williams, President and CEO, American Security Force. "Kyocera has been able to help our security guards become more efficient, improve communications and save money for our business—and that is a win-win."

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