All Kyocera devices are Japan Made. Our phones come with a Standard 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Device Control For Feature Phones Frequently Asked Questions

Device Control provides a simple method to adjust the settings and configuration of supported Kyocera mobile devices by accessing the embedded Mobile Device Management (MDM) Application Programming Interface provided in the Kyocera software.

After factory reset or initial power up, on the Language Selection screen, enter *#*#*#. Then go to Settings & Tools/Business Tools/Device Control and enter the Device Control password.

A Policy is a group of settings (restrictions and features) which create a specific device configuration. A feature phone device can hold only one Policy at a time.

After you create a Policy on one phone, you can easily export the Policy to another phone by scanning the QR code that’s displayed on the phone screen. Both devices must be connected to Wi-Fi.

Yes, on Kyocera’s non-camera phone models, you can’t use the QR code reader; however, you can transfer a policy using the 5-digit code that is generated by the Device Control App on your phone.

After the Transfer Policy operation is complete, you must press the left soft key (DONE) to activate the policy on your new device.

No. Device Control is a device-based solution that does not utilize network or cloud-based controls.

No. Device Control on your feature phone, does not require an email account or Google account.

There is no limitation, but the transfer process must be done one phone at a time.

Yes. For help with Device Control, please contact the toll-free Kyocera Business Select Support line at 1.866.844.7525.

Yes. Business Select Support is Kyocera’s white glove treatment developed especially for our valued business
customers. Contact a Business Select consultant to discuss advanced Device Control settings or complex
requirements and configurations. Kyocera also offers a full-service solution where the Business Select team will
review the requirements, create the desired configuration policies and transfer the policies to each of your
Contact Business Select:
Phone: 866.844.7525