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Application Partner — Alert

TeamAlert provides organizations an effective tool to give to staff who feel isolated or vulnerable in the workplace. TeamAlert is easily customizable making it the perfect solution in every workplace.

TeamAlert cares about workplace safety and the mental health of your staff. After almost a decade in this industry we understand that when your staff feels isolated or unsafe in the workplace, they are unable to do their best job. You need a simple solution that works, is easy to maintain and deploy and most importantly is easy for your staff to understand how to use. This is where TeamAlert is uniquely positioned to help. TeamAlert gives you software and hardware tools that work in every environment allowing your staff to get assistance at the press of a button. TeamAlert also works with third party services such as e911 and monitoring services. TeamAlert works great with Kyocera's mobile devices and the programmable buttons to give staff instant assistance at the touch of a button. With TeamAlert's Web Control Panel you can maintain and update everything from anywhere. Contact us today to get a short demo on how we can help your organization and get started on your free trial.


TeamAlert includes software for Windows, Kyocera Mobile Android Phones, and wired and wireless accessories hardware devices that are easy to deploy.


  • Education
  • Municipalities
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial

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