Guide and Video for cleaning and disinfecting your kyocera phone

How to Clean and Disinfect
Your Rugged Kyocera Phone

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Disinfecting, Cleaning & Drying Procedures

CAUTION! These instructions apply ONLY to Kyocera rugged, also known as Dura Series, devices. If you are not sure if you have a rugged device, please contact our call center: 800-349-4478.

Your phone may be disinfected using alcohol (70% solution) or cleaning wipes. It may also be cleaned using a mild dish cleaner. Please see the recommended procedures below.


Disinfecting the Phone

  1. Gently wipe the phone with a lint-free cloth moistened with alcohol (70% solution)* or a cleaning wipe.


    *Note: Use only ethanol or isopropyl alcohol (70% solution).

  2. Remove any excess liquid with a dry lint-free cloth until it is completely dry.

Cleaning the Phone

CAUTION! Be sure the SIM /SD card slot cover is closed firmly to maintain the waterproof capability.

  1. Turn off the phone.

  2. Rinse the phone thoroughly under running water in order to remove dirt.


  3. Add equal parts mild dish cleaner and warm water to a soft cloth. Using the cloth, gently rub the front and back parts of the phone in a circular motion.


  4. Rinse all sides of the phone and all physical keys until there is no cleaning agent or residue left.

    Note: Hold your phone below the faucet as shown below and rinse with low pressure tap water for more than 20 seconds for each part. Use only lukewarm water.

    CAUTION! If any cleaning agent is left inside the phone, the audio quality as well as waterproof capability may deteriorate.


  5. Rinse the speakers, microphones, and earpiece under running water and make sure all bubbles are removed.


  6. Put about 2 inches (5 cm) of water in a large bowl and gently rinse the phone by swirling it under water for about 10 seconds.


  7. Dry your phone until you are sure there is no moisture left. See Drying Your Phone for details.

Note: Frequent and repeated cleaning may result in the surface gloss degradation, deformation, or discoloration of the phone.

Drying Your Phone

CAUTION! If your phone has been submerged in water, for example to use the camera in Underwater Mode, be sure to rinse all surfaces of the phone thoroughly with clean, fresh water before drying.

  1. Wipe down all outside surfaces of your phone with a clean lint-free cloth.


  2. Wipe the back side of the phone.

  3. Hold the phone firmly and gently shake it a few times to displace surface water.


  4. Pat with a clean dry cloth to remove moisture from speakers, microphones (2), earpiece, and pressure adjustment hole. Repeat patting each area about 20 times.


  5. After removing all the water, let the phone dry completely at room temperature.

CAUTION! Excessive heat may damage your phone; never use a hair dryer, an oven or any other appliance to dry out your phone.

Note: If your phone still retains some moisture, audio quality and speaker performance may be affected. Dry your phone completely before using it again.