All Kyocera devices are Japan Made. Our phones come with a Standard 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
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DuraSport 5G UW

Rugged Reliability — Reimagined

DuraSport 5G UW packs rugged reliability in a sleek, lightweight design—tough enough for all your adventures.
How to buy

MSRP $579
Additional discounts may be available for qualified customers through their carrier.

Brawn Meets Beauty

No case required – Engineered to withstand drops, dirt, water, and the elements.

MIL-STD-810H tested to withstand drops up to 5 feet onto concrete.¹

IP68 rating lets you easily clean² and disinfect with mild soap, disinfectant wipes, or alcohol (70%).


Worry Less Do More

Use DuraSport 5G for a reliable experience — no matter where you go. Swipe and interact seamlessly, even with wet hands or while wearing gloves.³ Gain quick, secure access with Fingerprint Sensor or Facial Recognition and go all day² fueled by a 4500mAh battery that powers every move. Get back to the action quickly with multiple charging options — Qi Wireless Charging and USB-C with Quick Charge 4.0 compatibility.

And should you need a replacement device, Kyocera’s 2-Year Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty promises to get you one quickly.⁴ Receive your replacement before returning the old device — with overnight or 2-day delivery options, through our Business Select program.

Action Ready

DuraSport 5G comes fully loaded with camera, sport, and fitness features that empower you to take the leap, without looking back. Document every side to the story using picture-in-picture Multi-Camera Mode. Or, just dive in! Easily capture underwater photos and videos with a fully waterproof device. ANT+ support adds additional capabilities to Bike Mode and is compatible with select fitness apps and devices offering detailed health and performance tracking.


Outdoor Adventure

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, athlete or always on the move, DuraSport 5G will enhance your life lived outdoors! Capture the action with dual rear cameras (48MP Main and 16MP Ultra-Wide) and relive personal achievements with the 8MP front-facing camera. When you’re on the go, enhance photos and videos with Action Overlay —displaying speed, distance traveled, altitude, and more. And when the sun goes down, shoot bright, crisp photos with Super Night Vision. Never miss capturing an adrenaline-fueled moment.


Business Ready

Fully equipped to tackle your most challenging workdays – whether in the office or on-site with intelligence, safety, and security.

Push, Talk and Take Charge – Program the large side button for push-to-talk, enabling instant communication with up to 250 contacts at once over cellular or Wi-Fi.

Walkie Talkie in Microsoft Teams – Kyocera has integrated Walkie Talkie in Microsoft Teams with DuraSport 5G for quick, simplified use. The Walkie Talkie app in Teams is the digital push-to-talk solution that enables clear, instant, and secure voice communication over the cloud. Learn more about Walkie Talkie in Teams.

Asset Tracking and Safety – 5G Ultra Wideband plus dual band (L1/L5) GPS for improved location accuracy and robustness even in urban canyons. Know where your assets are, keep your employees safe, and optimize efficiency.

Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi with greater security and interoperability – Fast, seamless roaming between Wi-Fi access points, and 802.11mc for precise indoor location positioning.

Extra Secure – Biometric authentication via facial recognition or fingerprint sensor and enhanced security features utilizing a FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptographic module. And, Android Enterprise Recommended certification ensures your device will receive regular security updates.

Device Deployment and Management – Zero-touch deployment to deploy devices in bulk without the need for manual setup of each device, and OEM Configuration for enhanced device management settings.

More features to help you and your business function better:

Covert Mode – Disables audible notifications, alerts, and light emissions, but keeps applications running normally in the background. Ideal for situations when you don't want to disturb the environment.

Battery Care Mode – Extends the overall usable life of your phone’s battery by optimizing the charge cycles to minimize degradation.




Contact our Business Select team today and experience Kyocera's white glove treatment developed especially for our valued business customers. Choose from our suite of services to keep your employees connected and focused on the task at hand.


  1. Up to 5 feet on concrete. Compliant with a military standards test (MIL-STD-810H Method 516.6, Procedure IV “Transit Drop”). Device may not perform as tested in all conditions. Test performed in controlled environment. Do not attempt.
  2. IP68 rated waterproof at 6.5 ft for up to 30 minutes. Before immersing your phone in water, make sure SIM/SDCard slot is properly sealed. Avoid using your phone in salt water. Always rinse your phone in fresh water after it has been submerged. 
  3. Recognizes touch input while wearing gloves. The material, texture, and thickness of the glove as well as how it fits your hand will impact performance. Individual results may vary. Glove Touch Mode default is set to “off” and must be turned “on” through settings.
  4. See product warranty for details, limitations, and exclusions.

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