All Kyocera devices are Japan Made. Our phones come with a Standard 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Kyocera As A Total Solution

Kyocera offers ultra-rugged communication devices with targeted hardware and software capabilities along with dedicated white glove support to provide streamlined deployment, control and management of device features, overnight replacement, and more. For qualified First Responders, Kyocera offers a dedicated toll-free number, accelerated technical support and discounted service fees. Combined with a large application and accessory ecosystem from our valued partners, Kyocera devices address specific needs of government agencies and other businesses whose workforce endures environmental challenges every day.

Your Partner Under Pressure

DuraForce PRO 2 (not shown), DuraForce Ultra 5G, DuraSport 5G, and DuraXV Extreme, like all Kyocera devices, are built rugged from the inside out incorporating cutting-edge technology with features designed to function in life’s most demanding moments.

Duraforce Pro 2 DuraXE Epic

*Certified waterproof for up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) for 30 minutes.
**Available with AT&T Advanced Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT).


Kyocera’s smartphones are Android Enterprise Recommended, providing periodic security updates along with Secure Device Encryption utilizing FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module and full device encryption that supports secure data-at-rest and data-in-motion. And, a fingerprint security sensor on the DuraForce PRO 2 power button provides biometric authentication for additional security when needed, so you can ensure that your data and communication is secure.

Zero-touch Enrollment

Easily utilize zero-touch on Kyocera smartphones for bulk deployment and management of your fleet of devices, utilizing your favorite EMM partner as well as OEMConfig offering extended capabilities on all major EMMs providing features above and beyond standard Android Enterprise restrictions.

Communicate Instantly

With dedicated Push-to-Talk (PTT) buttons and support for numerous PTT platforms, loud dual front speakers, powerful battery, support for multiple PTT accessories like headsets and Remote Speaker Mics, the ability to relay information clearly and efficiently one-to-one or one-to-many is at your fingertips. And, PTT support over Wi-Fi and LTE means expanded coverage to keep your team connected.DuraForce Ultra 5G and DuraForce PRO 2 both support Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) and include an Emergency Alert button.


Body-worn Camera Solution

When combined with our partner Visual Lab's software application, Kyocera’s smartphones become rapidly deployed, reliable and highly cost-effective body-worn camera solutions. The wide-angle camera on our smartphones cover a 135 degree field of view – ensure capture of the most critical shots on-duty or off. This solution utilizes Kyocera’s proprietary APIs to lock down the smartphones to the essential capabilities needed by your agency. This solution provides:

    • All-in-One Functionality for a Single-Device Solution
    • Real-time Positional Awareness for Officer Safety
    • CJIS Compliant Software
    • Live Streaming Capability for Situational Awareness
    • Automatic Upload from the Field
    • Quick Deployment

When you combine the connectivity of any of our smartphons with Visual Lab’s live streaming capabilities, the solution provides real-time situational awareness via a live video feed streamed to a command center. With appropriate authorization and control, command centers can have the ability to remotely initiate a live video stream. This functionality could prove to be critical in cases where communication with an officer cannot be established, whether due to radio equipment failure or, in a worst-case scenario, due to an officer's inability to respond. With the ability to provide real-time positional awareness via GPS and cellular triangulation, this solution provides a significant enhancement to officer safety. A dispatch or command center can know the location of an officer, even when the officer is away from a patrol car. All this functionality is available without the need to pair either device with any additional hardware, plus you have additional benefits of a smartphone for communication, email, internet, etc. when the device is not being used in body-worn camera mode.

Our Solution Partners

Kyocera provides rugged devices with targeted hardware and software capabilities along with a dedicated device lifecycle support system. Combined with our valued partner applications and accessories, these capabilities help to create our ecosystem designed to help address the specific needs of businesses and government agencies alike.
Click here to view a full list of Kyocera’s solution partners.

Our Accessories

Work smart with a full range of accessories available to enhance device capabilities, critical functionality and first responder safety. Click here to see our comprehensive accessory solutions.

















Our Warranty

Kyocera devices are designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan with quality and precision and backed by a two-year standard manufacturer’s warranty for added protection and assurance.

Our Business Select Support

Contact our Business Select team to experience Kyocera’s white glove treatment developed for our valued business customers. Registered First Responders requiring engineering technical support have an escalation path for one business day response time. They will also receive discounted service fees on Business Select program services such as Advanced Replacement, Custom Provisioning, Custom Repair, and Lifecycle Management. Click here to learn more about our Business Select services. Or contact our Business Select Team: Call: 866.844.7525 or Email: